The idea of Blueki was born in March of 2020, when founder Yumi Nu hit a breaking point with fashion that is all-too-familiar for plus size women. Having spent 13 years in the plus size modeling industry, she worked for most of the relevant retailers and brands, becoming a firsthand witness to the quality of the only garments plus size individuals have access to. In search of a dependable wardrobe she could count on for years to come, she found herself in a drought. The only real options within inclusive fashion were unethically-made garments with short lifespans, or high-quality pieces that tended to lack shape or modernized style.

As Yumi started to hold conversations with followers on social media, this shared need for better choices became louder and louder, and she decided to take matters into her own hands.

After three years in the making, Blueki is finally here. Its mission is to guarantee that anyone of any size will be able to own long-lasting, timeless pieces made with care. We know the pain of being misled about inclusive fashion, and we are here to make a change in the industry.